Weekend wrap-up : Life from my iPhone.

I have never felt more impatient in my entire life.

Usually this is not my style, but when there is a little babe taking his sweet time it is all I think about. I am a week away from my due date... so truly he is not late, but both my mom and my mother-in-law had their babes between 2 weeks and one month early, so it feels late. To pass the time Stone and I have been wrapping up some shooting and editing, reading, writing lots of thank you notes for the sweet gifts we have received (if this is you, SO SORRY they have taken me so long), enjoying some of the great things of summer (like all the sweet fruit, flowers, and BBQing of course!), and going through photos of Stone and I from when we were babes and imagining what our little guy will look like :)

Currently I am reading a book called Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old and it is pretty great! Sleep training is super important to Stone and I because of our crazy schedules. With shooting weddings we are going to have to rely a lot on friends, family, and babysitters to watch our little guy when we are gone. To make things as easy as we can on them we are hoping to get our babe sleeping since there are nights we won't be home until 1 in the morn! We'll see though... i'm just hoping he loves his sleep as much as his parents do! Either way, I totally recommend this book, she is a no nonsense writer and her book is very to the point, which I like.



Brady said...

Come on Knox!! I need you to be out by my wedding on Sunday!!!

Shel + Stone said...

I know it!

AB said...

Another great website is mybabysleepguide.com. I will say that only 3 hours of sleep during the day for an infant is kind of crazy! They can usually only stay up an hour to an hour and a half max at a time at 12 weeks.

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