Have a happy weekend.

We made it to June.

Do you know what that means? Less than two weeks until this little guys' due date, so truly, he could be coming out to join us any minute now! Let's hope sooner rather than later.

I was never planning on taking any 'maternity photos' throughout my pregnancy. Truly, I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant or loves the changes it has made to my body. I know it will all go back and the changes are for the sake of a greater good :) I just have met women who absolutely love being pregnant, and I am not one. So, the thought of taking photos of my 9 month pregnant self sounded pretty awful. But then we got down to this last little bit and I thought how it would kind of be sad not to have a couple of photos to show our son of what his mom (saying 'mom' still is totally crazy to me) looked like when she was carrying him. And, of course, having a husband who is a photographer makes it kind of impossible to escape the camera at times.

All of this to say, here are a couple of shots we took today and if you want to see more of the shoot you can go here.

On another note... any plans for the weekend? Husband and I were thinking we may go on a hot date (which means dinner and a movie) unless (please Lord) we are in the hospital meeting our son. I have been wanting to see What to Expect When You're Expecting... it sounds funny and seems quite fitting for our stage in life right now :) See you Monday. xo.


Efo said...

Holy moly you are glowing and gorgeous! Your son will be so happy to see these photos someday... congrats to you and Stone! He's almost here!

blue chickadee said...

You are absolutely beautiful!!! You will be happy to have these photos for years to come! Good luck with baby boy on the way...won't be long!

Shel + Stone said...

Thank you both :) When all is said and done I know I am happy to have these photos too! xo

Becky Stevens said...

Love these pics - I am so glad you took them! They turned out so beautiful! I can't wait to see pics of your little one - Tommy's is coming any day now too!!

charlotte said...

lovely photos! i'd love to know where you got your pretty green dress! i'm in search for a dress for my baby shower! thanks so much for your help!!

charlotte said...

lol. i think i just found it. asos is my go-to. love your blog and your tuesday tunes! congrats on your baby boy!

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