Food to Love : Summer recipes from my favorite blogs!

Summer is my favorite time to try new recipes. There is just a never ending supply of fresh veggies and fruits  at the market and at a good price, so it is a good time to pick up something that maybe you have never had before and find a recipe that uses it! I have a handful of favorite food blogs that I constantly check in on to be inspired. 

Sprouted Kitchen has been one of my favorite food blogs for quite some time, her recipes are a bit involved so maybe when you are feeling super confident with your skills pull up her site and recreate one of her incredible dishes!

Spoon Fork Bacon has practical recipes for busy people AND there is not anything on this site that my husband would turn his nose up to. Not that he is picky, he just loves... a hearty meal. So making just a salad for din would not fly in our house :)

Roost is great for those of you with specific diets because she cooks for her husband who has Crohn's disease and the ingredients are a little different, but healthier, and who would not want that? Plus, the photography on this site is incredible, it is worth it to visit just to look through her beautiful images!

Smitten Kitchen is my 'go to' spot for recipes. It even has an Ingredient Index where you can look up what recipes include a specific ingredient. Lately, husband and I have been loving brussels sprouts, so I can look up all the recipes she has that include that ingredient... how convenient is that?

Hope you are feeling inspired to cook! xo.

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