It has been a while...

I am still here. I feel bad that I have not been around lately, our lives have just been chaos... good chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

I guess, especially lately, it has become very real that our little family of 2 will be no longer soon. Don't get me wrong, we are absolutely thrilled to meet our little guy. But, I already feel selfish of my husband's time... does that seem crazy? Like I just want to soak up these last few moments of peace with Stone. I use the word 'peace' loosely, as we have traveled to Colorado, Mexico, and up north in California in these last few weeks shooting weddings. Projects around our new home have almost been another full time job on top of our real jobs. Husband has been pretty incredible though, in the short time we have lived in our home he has changed faucets, lighting, painted all of the kitchen cabinets, hung curtains, created storage by adding shelves in our garage and closets, and so many other things. Truly he has been a hero in getting our house ready for the babe. Oh ya, and the babe, we have been super busy preparing for this little guy to come along. Who knew something so tiny would take so much preparation. Along with our childbirth classes, which were great but perhaps scared me more than prepared me (I also am a secret hypochondriac, so if you tell me something bad could happen during labor I am convinced that it will happen to me), we have made tons of trips to BuyBuyBaby to stock up on the essentials, and have been reading up a storm so we are prepared to get this guy sleeping and eating on a schedule (fingers crossed). I need my sleep, lots of sleep. 

So, as you can see blogging has been put on the back burner, but now that things have settled I am excited to be back at it, especially before the arrival of our little one (3 weeks and counting until his due date)! I cannot wait to share with you all when he arrives. These days my only prayer is that he comes to us healthy and happy. I now understand more than ever how easily worry can consume a parent... parent, ahhh, it still does not feel totally real that we are going to have a child! I don't know that it will totally sink in until the day he is born, and maybe not even then.

Oofta, sorry for the droning on and on. See you tomorrow! xo.

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