Tuesday tunes : Fleeting heart.

Featherstone by Shelby Crandall on Grooveshark


Jennifer (The Gourmetour) said...

Hi Shel! just checking in! You haven't posted in a while an I wanted to make sure everything with you, Stone, and Baby are O.K.! I believe I read you are due in a few weeks from now, so I just wanted to pop in give my warm wishes!

Kelly said...

Love this song! Thanks for the good find :) I heard it on Grey's Anatomy right after I found it on your blog. I'm not sure if I can keep up with the drama of that show, but they do always play great tunes.

Shel + Stone said...

I know... Grey's does have some great music, but it is shocking to me that that show is still on the air! ha.

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