Weekend wrap up : Some times call for special socks...

Happy Monday!

Stone and I had a pretty great weekend starting with a rainy Saturday morning... but, who does not love a good rainy morning on a weekend? The weather turned around quickly and we headed to Olivenhain to shoot engagement photos, which are always my fav! After that we hosted our very first gathering at our house. Yup, even though there are still unopened boxes, walls that have not been painted, and shelves that have yet to be decorated, we still did it. I'm surprised too because Stone and I are both kind of crazy about having things perfect in our home when we have guests over, so this was truly a stretch for the both of us. But, I think we got enough wine in everyone to forget about the piles of random crap that needs to be put away :) and we spent the night playing games and laughing, which is always the best. Stone even whipped out his part socks for the christening of our home with good friends.

Now it is Monday and I need to focus on putting away those boxes... Ooofta.

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Heidi Harlequin said...

Haha. Well, it's not a party and you can't possibly break in a new home without party socks! lol. He has a good head on his shoulders!!

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