Inspiration board : Making a bar.

Okay, to be honest, Stone and I are not big drinkers. Of course, I love a glass of wine here and there (not in the past seven months, of course!) and Stone will never turn down a cold beer from a friend. But, do we know much about wine or beer, no. Since moving to California we have definitely learned a lot more about wine from our trips to Sonoma, and the restaurants around these parts are big on specialty drinks, so we have tried lots of great things. Either way, after buying our house we quickly learned that it is only polite to have, at the very least beer, and wine to offer neighbors who are passing by, which seems to happen pretty frequently in our hood. We have to step it up a bit! Good thing our house already has a built in wet bar perfect for some funky trays, bar glasses, copper mugs, and such. Now we just need to learn how to actually make some drinks :)

Green Ice Bucket

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