Weekend Wrap Up : A party for baby boy.

This weekend was all about celebrating our baby boy! His arrival is coming up so fast and we just cannot even wait to meet him. Stone and I have been so incredibly overwhelmed by our dear friends and family's support. Truly, we feel so comforted knowing how much people love him already too. Not to even mention all of the gifts and help in preparing for our babe, it is all coming together and we could not say more THANKS to those of you who have sent along treats, advice, and offered your help! Thank you, thank you.

A handful of my closest girlfriends got together on Sunday for a little shower and even though the sun never came out it was perfect!

The decoration was beautiful and SO creative. The hostesses, Lacey and Laura, seriously went all out... hand stamped tags, dip-painted vases, and gorgeous flowers...  I loved it all!

My friend Alexis made the cupcakes with Nutella (yup, Nutella) frosting... I think I ate three!

One hilarious thing that my friend Jenni did for the shower was to make ice cubes with plastic babies inside for our drinks... the first one whose cube had totally melted or as she put it, the first one whose water broke, wins a prize :)

There were lots of mamas and mamas-to-be at the party so I soaked up as much advice and wisdom as I could... although, let's be honest, nothing can prepare me for what is going to be happening in only 7 weeks time!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. xo.


Kelli said...

such a pretty shower! congrats!

Shel + Stone said...

thanks girl! they really did a great job with everything :)

Kelly said...

Hi Shelby! I know Stone from college and came across your blog through FB. (Also, I hear we have quite a few mutual friends: Heather Smerling, Kathryn Smith)

I just wanted to say hi and congrats on your babe! Your shower was adorable and you have got to be one of the cutest pregnant gals I've ever seen ;) Wishing you two all the best on the road ahead.



Looks like a beautiful shower! You look great, and I love seeing photos of Laura and her bump, too! (know her from grad. school)

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