DIY Advent Calendars.

This is the first year for Stone and I to have an Advent Calendar. I love it, because, as you may have read in previous posts I am a fan of making paper chain countdowns and this is quite similar except with our calendar this year we get chocolate each day and who can complain about that? But, I have come to find out that there are so many different things to do for an advent, I have never had one, so I am just used to seeing the ones with edible treats inside to buy at stores. But really, the history of the advent calendar is just to receive a small gift a day leading up to Christmas to add excitement and anticipation for Christmas day. Anyway, I know it is a bit late in the game, but I gathered some of the ideas I have seen recently to share with you, it is only the 8th, you can still start one today! xo.

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David Housholder Photography said...

what exactly are advent calendars?

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