Travel: Dunton Hot Springs

I never thought I would say this... but, I wish it was snowing outside right now instead of sunny and 75 degrees. It is just that it's Christmas, and does not quite feel like it. I am dreaming of snow, fireplaces and warm drinks. Today I was thinking back to an article I read forever ago about a town in Colorado that you can rent... literally. There are 12 cabins, a spa, hot springs, dining hall, chapel (which, would make for an incredible wedding weekend!) and store. How fun would that be? You could invite all of your closest friends to this secluded little mountain town for the perfect winter weekend and have it be all yours! I mean, it would sound more reasonable if I had a money tree in the backyard, but a girl can dream right? The town rental even includes meals for 42 people each day. So lovely.

Go here to dream more. xo.


Kate + Zach said...

Wow- this is gorgeous!

Whitney said...

Just saw this post! Isn't Dunton A-MAZING!! I just posted a little something about the owners home designed by a NY Architect!

Design House Love

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