Have a warm weekend.

I meant to write a little post for my sister's birthday on Thursday, however, I was sick all day and did not even get on the computer!

Anyway, happy birthday Linds! Hopefully you are getting my present today (which is also a little late... sorry!) and having a fun celebratory weekend. I love you tons and cannot wait to see you.

What are your plans this weekend? Stone and I are so happy to have his parents out here visiting us! We cannot wait to show them around out new home and Stone is dying to get his dad out on some waves. Also, there is the Encinitas Christmas parade this weekend and I hear that it is supposed to be pretty good, hopefully just enough cheese, but not over the top :)

Below are some links to a few Christmas craft ideas. I am going to a craft party this coming week where you pick out your own project and bring your own materials! I am so excited for it, the host sent us some great ideas and I also gathered a few and thought I would share just in case you were in a crafty mood too. xo.

A monogrammed wreath that uses a bit of nature.

Time to tear apart your favorite Christmas book, in the name of design of course!

Ruffles and felt, two of my favorite things.

A great idea for all of your Christmas cards!

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