From Me To You: 'At Home With' series

I am always curious to see people's homes. I think that they tell a lot about a person, not necessarily where they live, but how they live and what sort of things they surround themselves with. I wonder if someone were to walk into our little house without knowing us and try to profile us as a couple what they would come up with :) A lot of our things are hand me downs that we have thrown together, but I truly like our quirky and creative style. We are not grown ups just yet and our home is not pretending to be (I think we have a bit of time to transfer into that stage).

Well, a while back I found this blog called From Me To You. Of course, I immediately liked the girl (Jamie) because she is a Texan by birth and Texans always seem to get along. Either way, she now lives in New York and is an editorial and fashion photographer. She has been working on a series called 'At Home With' where she goes into various creatives and interesting people's homes and takes photos. I love them. Stone and I have come to realize that some of our favorite engagement shoots have been those where we are at the couple's home and walking in their neighborhood... it is where people are most comfortable and the photos tell a story.

You can see all of her series here. This one is my absolute favorite... can you imagine living here? I love the hot pink touches!

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Jenni said...

I like this, but when are we going to get to see yall's new place ??!! :)

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