Another season complete...

(Photo shot from Ston'e iPhone)

This weekend marked the end of our wedding season! Oofta. Stone and I drove to Santa Barbara for the final hoorah and it was the perfect wedding to wrap this season up with. Possibly one of my favorites we have shot this year....

Everything was just so classic from the black tuxedo's that the men wore to the woman singing Ave Maria as the bride walked down the aisle to the all white floral centerpieces, I just loved it. 

I cannot believe we made it through this season, I am still pinching myself. It seemed so daunting thinking back to October when we found out I was pregnant it was so overwhelming to think about how we would manage. Patience from our clients, a hardworking husband, and a baby who is flexible have all made it possible and I am so thankful. We love our job. We really do. At times it is super difficult to muster the energy every weekend for 12 hour work days, but the reward of getting to know these couples and be apart of such a special day is payback. Stone and I together have witnessed so many beginnings for couples... how great is that? I am just rambling at this point, but it feels good to have made it through and I cannot wait to see what next season brings. 


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