It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Okay, so I may be jumping the gun with this one... but, I have to say the mornings and nights here are pretty chilly, even if our forecast says that next week we are going to be back up in the 90s (lame). This is always my favorite season, I am a girl that loves holidays and traditions, so the span of time between end of October through December was made for me. Some tried and true things in the Crandall household this fall have been Trader Joe's always delicious pumpkin bread (like I have time to make anything homemade these days, but this gets the job done!). We have now burned through not one, not two, but three of the Pumpkin Souffle candles and I am totally addicted and our house smells awesome. Also, I pulled out my flannels from JCrew (I have the navy ones) already too and I just love them so. 

On my wish list this fall are these boots from Madewell... perfection in a boot. And, I am needing a few more throws for our home to cozy it up and thought that these looked like they fit the bill.

Brew yourself something warm (and maybe put it in a sweet mug like this one) and enjoy this season! xo

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VIC said...

Great picks! Those boots are too good.

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