I think this year may top my favorite Halloween of my adult life. Adult meaning post-college ;)

Our little neighborhood is just a dream... for real! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I cannot believe that we found such an incredible little community to raise our family in. For halloween, and all other holidays of the year, they do it big. Think planning committees, pot luck dinners, parades, etc. This works for us because we are all about celebrating and traditions in the Crandall fam and Halloween is no different. This year I decided to find something  easy from Knox's already too full closet to make into a costume so he went as a nerd, and while none of the kids in our neighborhood had any idea what a 'nerd' was, the adults all found it pretty funny! Cannot wait for all of the halloweens to come with this little guy...

Happy to have all of that candy out of my home! Hope your halloween was wonderful.


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