Inspiration board : Dreaming of Seattle.

Really I am dreaming of a vacation with husband... without computers, without having to paint walls, and without having to unpack boxes.

We are hoping to go to Seattle this fall to visit our good friends Gus & Lacey and to celebrate the end of another great wedding season! Neither of us have been to Seattle and all I can think about is good coffee and relaxing rain (with some cute boots to stomp around in puddles). The last two days in Encinitas has been pretty gloomy and rainy, which has been great for hunkering down and organizing our new home. I love nesting and while I am continuing to unpack I am thinking that I should pop on Sleepless in Seattle (Meg Ryan is my all time fav) and get excited about the possibility of our upcoming trip... fingers crossed!

By the way, isn't that poster of Seattle awesome?!

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