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Our three year anniversary is right around the corner (November 1) and I have been contemplating what to get husband as a treat. He deserves it. We usually use the traditional anniversary gift material as a guide and then go from there. This year it is leather, which I am excited about. I have had two leather items on my lust list for a couple of years now and if I hint enough I just might be getting one of them :)

The first year was paper, and Stone gave me a few of these classic books, while I gave him a group of books he had been wanting as well. Second year was cotton and we stretched the rules a bit. I gave Stone a new wetsuit and he gave me a gift card to the spa (which he wrote in the card I would be putting on a cozy cotton robe for the day). It was lovely.

Here are some ideas I have tucked away for gifts for husband, do you do that? Whenever I think of a good gift idea for a friend or family member I try to write it down so that when it comes time I will have ideas! While none of these gifts are leather (I have some leather ideas, but could not spoil the surprise!) I know Stone would be so excited to receive any of them. Especially the motorcycle... which is only in his dreams :)

1 : I saw this beach cruiser and that is what began my idea for a manly inspiration board... Stone would look so good riding around on one of these. Maybe one day :)

2 : The Tie Shop ties. The only tie your guy should be wearing. Trust me.

3 : Stone loves this Julian hard cider. A perfect drink with a kick for fall. I like the branding too, it is very hard core looking!

4 : I am looking to replace Stone's dop kit with something with way more style then the one he got at Target in college and this one fits the bill perfectly.

5 : When we bought our iPhones we just grabbed the cheapest case we could find and told ourselves we would get cooler ones later. Well it is later and our phones want a new outfit. I like these.

6 : Husband already owns them, but they are my favorite shoes of his so I thought I would share them with you. Plus they are designed by a local Encinitas artist!

7 : This is mega on Stone's wish list. He would be forever happy to receive a subscription!


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