Weekend wrap up : Much needed family time.

Sorry I have gone silent these past few days. We had family in town and yesterday was spent doing loads of laundry and answering loads of emails. I hate that this weekend has already past. Stone and I have had these dates on the calendar since early last summer and have been so looking forward to it. His sister Kelsey and her husband Ryan (also known as Buck) and Stone's brother Brady and his fiance Stephanie all came in for a weekend filled with family time and unfortunately cold gloomy weather. C'mon California! Every time we have visitors you bring out the clouds... whats up with that? We are trying to convince our fam to move out here and nice beautiful sunny California weather would definitely give us an advantage! Oh well.

We did take the fam to Julian, CA to pick apples, pears and indulge in some delicious BBQ. Stone and I are always in awe of how we can drive an hour from where we live and be in a totally different climate. It is so fun. I have yet to make anything with all of the apples we brought home, but hopefully this week I can create an apple crisp of some sort. Yummmm!

I think the highlight of the week, however, was our last night bonfire on the beach with friends. This was our first time doing this and it was so fun that it makes me wonder why we waited so long! We had s'mores, told stories, and laughed... a lot! Definitely a memory I will tuck away.

Hope you are enjoying your week, I am happy to be back :) xo.

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Brady said...

the best, thanks guys!

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