Look of the week : Snuggle in to fall.

Hooray for fall!

One thing I miss most about living in Colorado is having seasons. I love the leaves changing and the first snow. I just don't like that point when you realize the snow is just going to keep on dumping. Truly though, the first snow is pretty magical. When the entire town is white and no one was quite prepared so things are closed and everything is still. I love that.

But, alas, Stone and I have left the snow for a much warmer climate. I will say, however, there is kind of a briskness to the air here and it is making me dream of all things warm, cozy, and pumpkin scented. I know... such a girl :) What can I say? This is our favorite time of the year and it is obvious why...

I am loving the fall fashion this season, but I do have a bone to pick with the trend-makers. Cable knit sweaters? Really? Just two years ago I dropped off two bags full of cable knit sweaters to be donated and they are back in style now. That was a fast turn around, and one that I am frankly not prepared for. Isn't that always the case. I don't think I will hop on that bandwagon this season as I was pretty happy to purge those sweaters and am not ready to invite them back in. But, they are cute I must say...

So put on a sweater, and get cozy... it's fall!

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