That's a wrap : Bonnie + Ed

I do not even have enough words to tell you how awesome this wedding was. From all of the details that Ed and Bonnie poured a year of creating, designing, and planning to the beautiful venue, this wedding was definitely a favorite of the season for us. Stone listed out some of the things that they did to make their wedding special and unique to the both of them as artists and as a couple...

hand printed wood save the dates and invitations, custom painted ping-pong table, custom printed ping-pong paddles, hundreds of custom painted birds, hand-cut wood circle "flowers," hand-cut and painted table birds, hand-made wood centerpiece boxes, stamped napkins, ceremony bell shakers, and on and on ... they also made their own bouquet and boutonniere

... crazy, right? Crazy awesome.

These, of course are just some of my favorite shots, but there is so much more to see! Go HERE and check in out, it is worth your while :)

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