Food to Love : A feast!

Do you usually cook for the holidays? Or do you leave it up to other family members... maybe even restaurants to pick up the slack? My mom is the queen of holiday meal planning and cooking. She has it down to a science and I dare not interrupt her flow, however since we have grown up a bit Stone and I have taken on a little more responsibility in preparing food for our family holiday meals. We have to travel for the holidays, which limits us a little, but I still love being in charge of at least one dish! I just love an excuse to cook something a little more fancier than the norm. This Thanksgiving I am making stuffed mushrooms (my mom's recipe, which I will share with you soon) and a small dessert. I need to figure that one out still. Yes, this means I have yet to go to the grocery store. Husband and I were just deciding that maybe a late night grocery run would be best to grab the things we need. Hopefully they do not run out of mushrooms. Other than that, we will be good :) We are headed to our friends' family Thanksgiving here and I just cannot wait to sample all of the tasty dishes. If you are like me and still have yet to decide exactly what you are making then have no fear, I compiled a list of incredible options that would be the show piece of any holiday spread. The best reward of cooking is getting the compliments, right? Ha. So hope you have a lovely holiday and that you find yourself in the kitchen creating something delicious! xo.

Today I am thankful for spending time with good friends!

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