Inspiration board : Baby, it's cold outside.

This is true even for us Californians! Today is the kind of day that my one and only wish would be to have a fire place to snuggle right next to. But, because we neither have AC or Heat in our little mansion, I am bundled up with a mug of hot tea (and listening to Christmas music... which is a given). One of my favorite stores, especially during this season, to find all things cozy is Terrain. I always go there for great gifts as well as adding a few things from there to my own wish list. Also on my wish list is a great pair of slippers from Anthropologie, aren't those precious? I really love the polka dot style, but the fur ones do look way more comfy... i'm torn.

Lastly, my favorite indulgence is my furry robe (husband has a matching one, they were necessary for Colorado winters) and this one also looks like it would be so nice and warm. It is even cute enough to wear around with leggings on those days when putting on an actual outfit is just too much effort. Let's be honest, we all have those days!

Hope you are enjoying this season and staying warm! xoxo

PS All of the home items you can find at Terrain!

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Victoria said...

Love those Anthro. slippers!

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