She + He : Celebrating 3 years.

Stone and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary the first of this month and I cannot believe we are now headed in our fourth year of marriage. We are so old news :) I always wondered when will I stop feeling like a newlywed, I thought surely after two years, but no... it all still seems so new and fun for us.

On our actual anniversary day we headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla. Embarrassingly enough we have lived in California for over a year now and had yet to visit any of the museums, the zoo, SeaWorld, or even Disneyland! Goodness. We were pleasantly surprised with this museum, they had a lovely little outdoor cafe with delicious black bean soup (if anyone has a good recipe for this, please send along I have been craving it ever since!), a great collection of modern art that was all about light, and some beautiful views of the ocean! Following that we headed out to dinner at one of our favorite pizza places called Blue Ribbon Pizza. So, so yummy! Husband surprised me with some Frye boots, which I have wanted for years and years and am so happy to finally have a pair. I gave him a new leather dopp kit with some nice men's product in it... kind of random, but definitely something he would never buy for himself and he will love having.

Spending fun time with husband is the best, especially since we work together. Date nights are a must for us :)


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kelsey said...

Ask Stone- What happened to the sail boat? :)

Love you guys!

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