Weekend wrap up : Let the Christmas fun begin!

It officially took me 3 hours to sort through all of my email from the four day vacation... yikes! I know that I work from my home, so perhaps I have no excuse to not be answering emails over Thanksgiving, but I figure if people with office jobs get to have a holiday then I am going to give myself one too. This does not really bode well with my boss (husband), but to me holidays are meant for sleeping in, shopping, going out with friends and family, and doing anything but work. So that's what I did and I suppose today I paid the price. I have not moved from the computer all morning. Oofta!

Oh well, I now have a clean inbox and am all rested for the week ahead! How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Mine was pretty great, some of the highlights were :

- Making Thanksgiving dinner with Lacey, our dishes included stuffed mushrooms, two pies, roasted veggies, corn casserole, and chocolate bark! Yowza.

- Having a Thanksgiving slumber party with our friends, The Dodds :)

- Shopping for the first time ever on Black Friday... like hard core, a couple of friends and I woke up when it was still dark outside and waited in line to reap the benefits of Anthropologie's 50% off sale. It was pretty great!

- Watching not one, not two, but three Christmas movies! (Elf, Santa Clause 2 and Polar Express)

- Laying in bed and reading.

- Meeting up with friends for dinner and camp fire at San Elijo campgrounds!

- Getting our gifts ready to bring to church for Operation Christmas Child!

- Going hunting in the tide pools near our house and actually finding a huge star fish! I wanted to bring it home, but husband told me it was illegal. Dang.

- Getting our Christmas cards designed and ordered... feels good to get that done!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Christmas is in full swing and I could not be more excited. xo.

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