Have a fun-filled weekend.

We made it to the weekend! Hooray. Do you have something fun planned? Stone and I got our weekend kicked off a bit early last night with a concert at La Paloma here in Encinitas. Such a great concert, it was called For the Sender and included a group of local musicians such as Switchfoot, New Found Glory, Nickel Creek, Jack Tempchin, Molly Jenson, Nena Anderson, and Alex Woodard. All of the songs in this concert were written from four letters that were sent to the songwriter through the course of a year from different strangers. You can read more about it and listen to tidbits from each song here. As soon as I get the music I will be sharing it because it was incredible and I know you will want to hear!

As for the rest of our weekend? We have a 20 week ultrasound in a couple of hours (I have to drink 32 oz of fluid without peeing for 2 hours! Wish me luck), a couple of fun dinners planned, plus a beach day in Del Mar with friends :) Cannot wait.

Hope your weekend is perfect. xo.

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