Weekend wrap up.

I made a cake.

It was my very first full on double-layer cake to make and I have to say it turned out pretty great! We had a small baby reveal for a couple of our closest friends the other night and I was in charge of baking the reveal cake :) I got the recipe here!

In other news... how was your weekend? Ours was pretty jam packed, but really great! Stone and I woke up Saturday morning with the sudden realization that I am halfway through my pregnancy and we have done nothing. Literally. We have not registered for classes or even begun to think about registering for the things our little guy will need. And a nursery? Well, yes, I have all sorts of ideas for the nursery, but have I actually purchased anything for it... nope! So we got to work, making a registry! I love picking out all of the little things for our son and knowing he will be here so soon to try it all out. Pretty fun.

We also got our fill at some of our favorite restaurants and some new ones! All worth trying if you live in the area or are planning a visit. Stone and I had dinner with our friends Travis and Ashlyn here. They are expecting a little boy at the end of next month and I cannot wait to meet the guy. Stone and I are so thrilled that we have a handful of good friends all pregnant right now, it has been a huge source of comfort for us both! We then had Del Mar Pizza on Saturday for lunch with friends, this is no doubt one of our favorite pizza spots. That night I met up with some girls at Craft and Commerce, which has the coolest atmosphere (almost too hip for a girl like me) and delicious biscuits. Lastly, we tried out a new burger place with a couple we met through church (also expecting a little boy!), any organic burger with all the fixins' is good in my book :)

Happy Tuesday all. xo.

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Victoria said...

Great looking cake!

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