Inspiration board : Clothing and color.

Mmmmm, I have to say this is prob one of my favorite inspiration boards that I have made so far. Stone and I have all sorts of new things on the horizon... moving into a larger home, becoming an aunt and uncle (times 4), and of course FALL. This is one of my favorite seasons to shop for, as I am sure is the same with most of you. So if you go to my favorite shops across the world wide web you will find shopping carts full of boots, cable knit sweaters, felt hats, and warm colors. Love it all. You would also come across some shopping carts full of baby goodies for my nieces and nephews to come! I just cannot even wait to meet them. And lastly, there are thousands of dollars worth of items in online bags of home furnishings, rugs, lamps, and all things home decor. Basically I would need to be somewhere on the level of Donald Trump to afford the things I have saved to purchase online. Oofta. Not gonna happen, but you can't blame a girl for dreaming can you?

Hope you enjoy just a taste of my shopping carts ;)


1 : This dress is perfection, if only I worked in a really swanky office in Manhatten. There is not much need for it when I literally walk from my bedroom to my living room to work. Ha!

2 : A must for this Fall. A must.

3 : I mean, who would not want to throw this on as their PJs, love it.

4 : Okay, I have to get one for each of my future nephews and nieces. They are just the cutest little animals, the hard part is deciding which one to choose!

5 : A little splash of color for your Fall wardrobe. Arm candy!

6 : Is it too much to ask for our next living room to replicate everything from this room? The wall color, bookshelves, and comfy seating is pretty awesome!

7 : As Rachel Ray would say 'Yummo'. The perfect fall cake, I have huge doubts I could recreate this one to look so pretty though.

8 : I am still STILL trying to find the best shade of red for my lips. On another note, I cannot wait for Glee to be back on!


Anonymous said...

we have the bunny stuffed animal! blakely loves it!!

Tiffany K said...

I'm still looking for a red lipstick too... let's go shop together!

Shel + Stone said...

yes! lets!

Shel + Stone said...

meg... i just cannot believe i still have not met little blakely! come visit!

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