Inspiration board : Color blocking.

I am very much into this new trend of color blocking. Have you gotten the latest JCrew catalog? That is pretty much the theme for an updated fall wardrobe and I love it!

Whether I am decorating my home or dressing myself it is a very modern and vibrant twist. The good thing about this trend is that is can be done with things you already own. Just take solid colored things and go a little crazy... think you have too many colors on? Add one more and you will be good :)

I gathered some of my favorite color blocking ideas for this season and I hope you will feel inspired to put on those hot pink pants, bright yellow sweater, and purple flats and wear them together proudly! xo.

1 : I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE WEDGES! Seriously. Anyone know a good knock off pair? These are a bit pricey, but oh so cute.

2 : Pink, orange, and nude has to be one of my favorite color blocking combos! I think a dress like this could carry well through all seasons too. Again... anyone know of a similar, less expensive dress?

3 : Love this piece by Jonathan Adler. Makes me want to go buy a bucket of paint in every color and go to town on all of our furniture!

4 : Ooo la la. You are bound to turn heads with shades like these.

5 : A great update for your bookshelves!

6 : Another reminder that I have got to learn how to sew. It would be so easy to create cute color blocked pillows like this one.

7 : Again with the pink, orange, and nude color combo. It just works.

8 : A different color for every finger nail? Why not.

9 : A line up of some of my favorite color blocking looks by JCrew :)


Charlotte said...

I love this post, so inspiring!

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks Charlotte!

From Suns To Moons said...

Color-blocking is a classic, no wonder it's doing so well as a "trend." Love your inspiration board.

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