My bones are tired...

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far. Stone and I are back home finally from our weddings in San Francisco, Boulder, and LA. Whew! It was definitely a whirlwind, but oh so fun. All three weddings were totally unique and beautiful... we feel pretty blessed to be working in this business and to have such incredible clients! I cannot wait to begin sharing all of these photos with you. But, a secret, just between you and me I slept until almost 11 today.

Whoops! It is hard having such a demanding boss not only do I assist him at weddings all around this great country, but he also expects me to answer emails, blog, AND have dinner on the table at the end of the day! Goodness, who knew working for your husband could be so tiring :) Seriously though, this girl needs some rest. I will be back tomorrow, don't you worry. xo.

If you want to see a little shoot we did of our good friends The Grovers while we were in Sonoma this past week, head over here! Enjoy!

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