Oh, hello there!

Woah. Three weeks of traveling can really take a lot out out of a girl! But, alas, we are home and feel like we are drowning in 'to do' lists...

- edit 2 weddings
- complete 4 wedding albums
- unpack (ugh!)
- clean, clean, CLEAN
- grocery shop so we can stop eating out
- water plants that died while we were gone in effort to try and revive them
- prepare for wedding this weekend
- catch up on photo blog
- catch up on 'in a nutshell' blog
- shower
- exercise to burn off the calories from the delicious homemade food i spent the last three weeks inhaling

You see! Lots of things! But, oh did it feel good to see our family, catch up with friends, and sleep in. Dallas was wonderful, minus the 112 degree weather (I do not think that there was a moment the entire time I was there that I was not sweating). My time in Dallas was spent celebrating the marriage of my sweet friend and college roommate Lauren, seeing my sister's pregnant belly in person (we found out is is a boy & girl, so exciting), eating at some of my favorite Dallas restaurants, going to an outdoor concert at the arboretum, and spending as much time in the pool as I possibly could!

As soon as my plane touched down in Colorado, husband picked me up and whisked me off to the mountains where we spent a week with his family in Crested Butte. My family drove up the next week so we had back to back family vacations, so fun! The weather was perfect and we biked, hiked, read books, shot a wedding, played on the lake, picnicked, played dominoes, talked about the babies and drank more coffee from here than was probably healthy.

I have to say it feels wonderful to be back. As much as I enjoyed my time away from blogging (I suggest all bloggers take breaks here and there), I feel like I am coming back with plenty of new, fresh, and fun ideas that I cannot wait to share with you. Thanks for being a loyal reader and sticking with me through my short hiatus from the blog community. xo.


Cydnee said...

Ok, I don't think I can handle another hiatus from you! I missed reading your posts! Glad you had a good break, and I can't wait to see your new ideas!

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks Cydnee! I promise, it wont happen again for at least another year :) Happy to be back blogging! xo.

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