Inspiration board : Feeling crafty.

I have talked about Pinterest many times in the past, but recently my inspiration folder on my desktop has been exploding with craft ideas mostly. The problem with living in such a small space like I do, is that there is barely room enough for the things we already have let alone new crafts and such. Hummmphhh. So in the future these are on my to do list and I hope that they inspire you to get crafting.

BTW... I am very aware that these 'Keep Calm And...' posters are way overdone, but I had to use it this once! It just fit the post too well.

Wreath : I am always on the hunt for a wreath that will transcend all seasons. Like I said before, our little home does not come with much storage for things like wreaths, so I need one that will look fitting year round AND that I wont get tired of. I think something like this one would do the trick!

Lampshade : Made of PAINT STICKS?! Who would have known. I feel like I would have bought this from Pottery Barn, I love tricking people into thinking I paid tons for something when really I just made it myself :)

Planter : I have seen this around for a while now and just need to do it. It wont take up much space and looks very modern and cool. I would definitely have to fill it with succulents as my history of keeping plants alive is not good.

Bracelets : Okay these for sure won't take up too much room in out home and they are so trendy, I love them!


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