Weekend wrap up : Hanging with the Swedes!

I am not a lover of doughnuts. Well, homemade doughnuts are another story. My dad used to make the best homemade doughnuts covered in cinnamon sugar, but for some reason every time I have tried to make them I have failed miserably. Yesterday I woke up with hankering for a rainbow sprinkles doughnut... so random. But, it was all I could think of and husband was laying next to me sleeping soundly and I could not wait! So I "accidentally" kicked him and he woke up! It worked. 5 minutes later we had gathered as much change as we could find around the house (this is a CASH ONLY type place, and unfortunately we never have cash) and headed to Leucadia doughnut shop. There they were, perfectly sprinkled and ready for me to take! We came home ate doughnuts, made eggs, and had coffee. Then we watched Friday Night Lights for at least 2 hours. The best.

By the way, have you watched that show? Stone and I are almost finished with the last season and it is well worth the many hours we have spent watching it. I mean who does not love a show about Texas football?! Anyway, you should check it out.

I have to tell you about the wedding we shot on Saturday! When the groom walked out in his tan linen suit, in which he had hemmed the pants into shorts, we knew this was going to be an awesome wedding. I did not know this before, but I am into suits with shorts... definitely. Pierre (the groom) was born and raised in Sweden and moved to New York 2 years ago where he met his beautiful new wife Cleshawn. We loved this couple from the start and felt so honored to be a part of the marriage of their two very different worlds. The Swedes came to LA for the wedding and could not have been a more friendly and beautiful family. They also brought traditional Swedish candy, which made us like them even more :) Best thing about this wedding? It turned into a pool party after dinner and the bride and groom did the inaugural plunge dressed in their wedding attire! So fun.

We ended the weekend at our friends Sean and Brianne's house. They made an incredible salmon and we spent the night laughing and chatting... don't you love having friends like that? We feel very fortunate to know them, you should check out their blog here!

Happy Monday. xo.

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