Becoming a butterfly.

May grey just might have decided to come a bit early this year, as our weekend was quite cold and gloomy. We spent most of it hunkered down indoors watching movies, baking banana bread, and catching up on magazines (my Real Simple, and his Surfing)

Let's be honest though, when you have a little one it is impossible to stay indoors all day... so we did venture out for some sushi with neighbors, a county fair where Knox got to meet all sorts of animals, and to church. This was our first Sunday to be called out of service to go pick up our crying child in the nursery! Such a bummer. We spent the entire service in the 'family room' watching a small screen. I am hoping this is not a new phase and that he was just fussy because there were no other babies to play with that morning, fingers crossed!  

I was glad we made it to church though because the sermon was something I needed to hear. In the simplest of terms our pastor was calling upon us to be nicer people, love each other better, and serve. He talked about being a butterfly. Something gentle and sweet. It sounds so elementary to write out, but I think it is a very rare quality to find in people including myself. Someone who genuinely is just kind and selfless, putting others before them with no promise of personal gain. The sermon made me take a look at myself and it made me feel ugly inside. I need to be better for the people that are choosing to live their lives alongside me, they deserve more from me. Sunday was a good reminder and this morning is a new day, I am so thankful for that.

Happy Monday. xo.


Sharon said...

that's how I felt after the message yesterday and I needed the reminder this morning, thanks

Natalie Lynn Borton said...

We were wondering where you guys went!

I agree—church this weekend was absolutely amazing. That sermon was totally fitting for us, as well—in the best and most convicting ways.

kaitlinS said...

Ah, I had one of those realizations this weekend myself. Thanks for the reminder.

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