Easter Sunday was full of good things.

Stone's parents arrived late the night before from Colorado, just in time to make it to sunrise service with our church on the beach. It is one of my favorite things that our church does, such an incredible experience to see thousands on the beach gathered to celebrate Jesus' resurrection! Also, just two years ago, Stone was baptized on this day, such a sweet memory!

Now that we have the little guy around, all holidays are way more fun than they ever were before! Getting to put together a basket and fill eggs with baby snacks was so fun for me. I know that sounds totally cheeseball, but I love it! Knox was pretty pumped too :)

This year his basket from us included this book, and this one, a Jellycat bunny, and some treats!

Since we moved away from family it has felt lonely at times around holidays when most people are celebrating with family. I am one of those people who loves holidays, traditions, and celebrating so this year I decided to make our own plans and invited over a few friends who I knew also did not have family in town to join us for a potluck. Everyone brought a dish and we ate, chatted, and played with babies :) Being with these people on Easter meant so much!

 ^^ First Easter baskets! Also, because people have asked, his cardigan came from Zara :)

 ^^ All looking at the camera, and all smiling... miracle!

 ^^ Papa Scoot is here!

^^ So happy to have Stone's parents in town!


Kelli Murray said...

Ahh! So sweet! Love you guys!

Sharon said...

looks absolutely lovely!

VIC said...

I love seeing pictures of Laura on your blog! Also, the video of your husband's baptism is really beautiful...praise to Him! Okay, I'm going to stop reading your blog tonight and commenting. It's getting to be a bit too much, ha.

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