This weekend...

Whoops! Monday got away from me and I did not make it around to blogging.

This weekend was a mixture of awesome and not so awesome...

Awesome because we were able to celebrate our good friends Jenni and Keiran who are expecting their first little babe in a couple of months with a shower at our place (no the boys were not attendees, they showed up later to eat cake!). I prepared all of the food for the shower the morning of and I have to say I was pretty proud of myself! We had goat cheese and broccoli quiche, chicken salad sandwiches, strawberry spinach salad, and a flourless chocolate cake! Yum! Cannot wait for baby girl to join us so soon :)

Not so awesome because the Knoxman is teething like crazy. With a messy combination of snot and drool on top of his sad whimpering it is bound to be the hardest thing he has been through in the last 10 months. Poor guy, cannot wait for those things to finally finish breaking through!

Awesome because the weather here was exceptionally amazing this last weekend. We spent both Friday and Saturday night at the beach with friends and that I cannot complain about. Still can't believe we get to live here.

Not so awesome because I did not run this weekend :( But, I was back to it yesterday! I actually have really enjoyed it... Okay, that is a lie... I have really enjoyed being outside and the way I feel after I have finished running!

Awesome because we got to shoot the sweetest engaged couple in a really rad location (cannot wait to share the photos)!

Happy Tuesday. xo.


Jenni Flanigan said...

Everything was so beautiful!! I can't thank you enough. So blessed to have a friend like you. Love you!

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