Look of the week : A mom's kind of shoe.

Lately I have been taking my cues from Jessica Alba... girl knows how to dress comfy without sacrificing style! It is Spring so I have been dreaming of new items for my closet (as I do every year around this time) and I landed upon these Yosi Samra flats the other day. They could totally be old news, but I had never seen them before! So cute and they look perfect for women on the go! Plus, if Jess wears them, then they have to be good :) 

Mama style is a whole new ballgame, lots of spit up, messy hands, crawling on the ground at the park, and bending over to pick up toys are all things we have to think about! I have not mastered it, a lot of days I don't change out of my leggings and sweatshirt, but I am hoping to get it down someday! Ha. 

PS. I am also loving the ShoeMint website! Have you seen it?



VIC said...

Great shoes!

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