Camp Crandall

Last week we were so lucky to have Stone's parents come and visit us! I cannot imagine how amazing it would be to have grandparents that live close, that is one of the saddest things to me about living in California. But, alas, because we do live here (and because it is one of the coolest places ever) that means we get lots of fun visitors. It is the best having people visit, we almost get to play tourist in our own town and do things that we would not normally be doing on a weekday.

Truthfully our weekdays are spent at home, working, and then when Knox is awake you can usually find he and I at one of the many parks around swinging or hanging with friends. It is what we do best these days :)

So,  of the many fun things we got to do last week, my favorite was visiting grandma and grandpa's campsite at Carlsbad! A couple months ago they became proud owners of this really awesome teardrop camper... seriously these things are so cool! So they decided to try it out for the first time on their trip out to see us. The campgrounds had incredible views of the ocean and it was so fun to picnic, build a fire, and play down on the beach. 

 ^^ This photo kills me... so handsome!

We will miss having them here. Knox is going through a terrible 'stranger danger' phase and it takes a little while for him to warm up to new people, especially men for some reason. It makes me so bummed because he has seriously had massive crying fits around some of our closest friends who just want to hold him and play with him. Hoping he grows out of it soon (if you have any advice on this topic, please let me know)! All that to say it took a day or so for Knox to feel comfortable with grandma and grandpa, but, thankfully, I even saw him go in for a few kisses with them, which melts my heart! 

Love you grandma and grandpa come visit again soon!


VIC said...

I don't have any advice, really. But, I will say that with both of our boys (now 4 and 2), they grew out of that stage after about 6 months of it. We too live away from family/grandparents and it was always so tough watching them go through the anxiety while wishing the family/friends could see their real (and fun) personalities. I think I just tried to act like it wasn't a bid deal to them, and let them watch me interact with the scary stranger:). (so, really no advice from me) He's such a doll, btw!

Shel + Stone said...


Thanks for all of your sweet comments :) Love having boys, they are the best!

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