Tuesday tunes : Stella Sisters

First thing is first... do you watch Nashville? If you don't, do yourself a favor and get hooked! Love it so much. But then again, husband and I are both huge country music fans.

Either way there are two little girls that play the daughters of the main character, Rayna, (aka Tammy Taylor) and they have just started singing on the show, and they are absolutely incredible! I went searching for them last night because I wanted to share this song that they sang on last episode and I found out that they truly are sisters and they have performed so many other covers! Stone and I spent an hour or so just going through all of their videos, absolutely amazing. So, I thought I would share!

Happy Tuesday, y'all! xo.


Jennifer said...

Too funny, I literally went through the EXACT same process with these sisters last week after watching the same episode! I've been obsessed ever since and have added some of my favorite songs of theirs on my youtube playlist.

S. Corcoran said...

I love that show! I had no idea they were real sisters. I was absolutely blown away by their song last week. What a treat to watch these videos! Thanks for sharing!

rodan said...

Shel -
Thanks for posting this. Made my day =)

Kavin Lindgren said...

These girls are so good! Love this post

Rs To Gold said...

I love that show! I had no concept they were real siblings. I was definitely offered away by their music a couple weeks ago. What a cure to look at these videos! Thanks for sharing! .

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