This app is perfect for those of you who are like me...

Stone and I do not eat out a ton, so when we do eat out we do our research! We read reviews, look at photos of the atmosphere, and pick out what we would probably order from the menu. And then, as you have seen on this blog, we usually are happy with our decision and we like to take photos to share with friends so they know what to expect if they go there.

Well, someone just came up with this app called Foodspotting. You can upload photos and reviews of restaurants you go to, as well as read what other people have said and see their food photos. It is pretty genius. We all know, it is good to see the food before you invest in it. Now, that we are in Encinitas we are so excited about trying out all of the restaurants around town. The thing I am most excited about is the Mexican food! Colorado just did not cut it in that department. We are fortunate enough to have a bunch of 'hole in the wall' type taco places near us, but they all look a little sketch. Stone just downloaded this app, however, and Juanitas (one of the places closest too us, which looks the MOST sketchy of them all) is rated to be one of the best in Southern California! Cannot wait to try it!

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