Have a yummy weekend!

Stone and I have not 1, not 2, but THREE photoshoots this weekend! It is absolute nuts, but we are so thankful for and excited about each one of them :) We also are having dinner at our all time favorite pizza place tomorrow night with a couple of our friends and cannot wait. This will probably be the last time we eat there before our move, but I am sure we will quickly find a new favorite pizza spot! Tonight we vegged out... we had burgers and watched Couple's Retreat, it was perfect. I worked all day today and I was thinking on my commute home how funny it is that my biggest concern on the road is a deer jumping in front of the car... for a girl that grew up in Dallas that is a big change!

Enjoy your days off. xo.

A yummy fall treat! I cannot wait to make it.

This website has some fun sussies including polka dot tape!

I could not believe my eyes when I came across this article. Eeeekkk.

One of the best 'before' and 'after' remodel I have seen.

I am loving hot pink right now, so girly and vibrant!

A dinner party beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cute straws :)


DeRemer said...
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DeRemer said...

If I could only avoid the cows, oxen, chicken, roosters, sheep, goats,cats, and dogs that are ALL over the road then my commute to work would be much quicker!

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