Weekend wrap up.

Saturday was a beautiful day here... it was actually Fall outside and I wore my boots for the first time this year! We had an amazing shoot at an organic farmer's market outside of Boulder, this place was really neat, you could go and pick your own flowers, pumpkins and herbs and they also had a huge market with tons of seasonal veggies and fruits. This was a 5-year anniversary shoot for a couple from New York that were really unhappy with their wedding photos. We had a great time shooting with them because they were so low key and willing to try whatever! Then we went to dinner with our friends Keiren and Jenny, they have also thought that they may move out to California (which would be SO fun), but I think by the end of the night I may of persuaded them to try out Austin! Oooops.

Sunday was really strange for us because both of our shoots for that day had to be re-scheduled! This was very last minute, and a little frustrating as we have had to turn down other shoots recently. However, it made for a nice and relaxing day for Stone and I. We got yogurt, went grocery shopping at Sunflower (have you been there? they have amazing deals on produce and meat!) and then we rented Letters to Juliet. It was exactly what I expected... a little cheesy, but sweet with a happy ending :)

Happy Monday!

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