Week wrap up.

Well, since I was here last, Stone and I have shot a wedding in Vail, packed up all of our things into a Budget truck (always, always rent from Budget... Uhaul is about twice the amount!), drove 19 hours across the country and settled into our new home here in Encinitas. Thank you for all of the prayers for safe travels. Really, the drive was not too bad apart from not getting to talk to Stone the entire time... I just listened to a book on tape, which made the time fly by fast! I will tell you I had a few freak out moments on our drive up, thinking "what the heck are we doing?", but I attribute that mostly to me being alone on the drive and the hour long stretches of desert along the way.
Since we unloaded our truck here we have been pretty busy. A couple of our friends from Colorado were in town so we spent the day with them, it was good to have a little reminder of home. We also have had a few meals with new and old friends at our small (REALLY small) place. And, we spent the day on Saturday up in Julian picking apples, eating BBQ and experiencing fall in California. Julian is a cute little town that is best known for their apple pies and pretty much everything apple. We made it home with a bag of apples, a bag of avocados (15 for $2! I love it!) , and some orange blossom honey! We feel so blessed already to have made so many new friends and the opportunity to get to live near some of our oldest friends.

Oh, and did I mention along with the fun things we have been up to this week we also have been unpacking like crazy! It has been fun nesting here and we really love our place, we call it our treehouse. It is a small apartment above a family's garage and is a block away from the ocean! We figured we could sacrifice size for location, and I am still glad that we did... we are just down to a couple of boxes and suitcases that do not have a place to go, but other than that this apartment was made for storage, it has amazing cabinets and built-ins. Even though it is much smaller than our old place I feel like I have more than enough room for our stuff. It has also been a little bit of a lesson in simplifying, when you move you realize how much you have that you do not need or use... we really could live on very little! Anyway, you will have to come see our place yourself, you are all welcome!

Photos taken by my husband.

All in all we are excited about this new little adventure and happy to be doing it together. We know there will definitely be times that we miss the people and familiarities of home, but we also know it is important for us as a married couple to step out a bit on our own.



Christie said...

You two are perfectly awkward. I love it!

Rick said...

Time to update your "Get to know us" sidebar, heh?

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