Shel's Etsy picks.

Every so often I get an email from my sister-in-law, Kelsey, with links to fun things on Etsy :) I love it when this happens because for me, Etsy is wonderful, but there is a lot of stuff on there to sift through in order to find the good stuff! So she takes out the hard work and finds the things for me. Below are some of her finds along with a few I found lately while navigating through the pages online (I really love this first one, it would be perfect for our new kitchen in Encinitas!).


Kitchen Conversion Poster from Sweet Fine Day.

Handmade clothing from Magnolija Dress.

Serving trays by Tilly Maison.

Autumn labels and seals by Packagery.

Bubble chandeliers by Jean Pelle.

Eco-friendly flats by Extraseed.

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