Levi's Photo Workshop.

Stone sent me a link to this blog, which recently posted about Levi's newest endeavor. I thought that their Pioneer Music Series was so creative and great marketing for them and this just takes it to the next level. They have opened a photo studio in New York where people can rent cameras or use the space for free. It is a great opportunity for those who want to try out different equipment or just learn about photography to be able to go to a place like this where they are planning to have so many things available for the public. Plus, they need to keep up with all of the new things that JCrew has been doing around the city like this and this.

“…a way for Levi’s to offer a unique experience based around creativity and learning. Levi’s wanted to celebrate the pioneering creative spirit of artists and craftspeople in a way that would also hopefully turn others on to a new craft. As one of the original American work wear brands…Levi’s has a long standing connection to craftspeople and the workshops reflect a 21st century take on American craft.”

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