Food to love : Needed a fix.

I almost did not put a photo with this recipe because it looks so bad/weird... but, I promise it was delicious!

A couple of days ago I was really craving something sweet, but, as I am sure you know, when you are moving your pantry and fridge become quite sparse! So, I had some baking dry goods, no eggs, and the last scrapings of a nutella jar. I remembered a friend of mine posted a recipe for nutella filled sugar cookies and thought I would give those a shot. Only problem was finding a sugar cookie recipe that did not require eggs. While I would not recommend it (without eggs the cookies after one day were completely crumbly), these cookie creations definitely satisfied my craving and I had plenty left over to give to the guys that had been working on our floors! So, my friend's cookies turned out much better and you should go to HERE to get the recipe, for some reason her nutella melted out, while mine stayed in little balls. Ha. Not the cutest of cookies ever, but yummy nonetheless!

Enjoy. xo.


Raquel said...

I have the same set of dishes! In robin's egg blue and brown as well. <3

Shel + Stone said...

That's awesome, we love these dishes, but I have to be careful because I end up getting chips in the paint a lot!

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