Week wrap up : The BIG move.

Well it is officially official. Stone and I are homeowners. HOMEOWNERS! That is absolutely thrilling and terrifying in the same breath. So much has been happening since the last time we spoke... we moved out of our beach bungalow (by the way, packing and moving when you are 6 months pregnant is not recommended) thankfully with the help of some great friends (thank you Chris, Keiran, and Jenni!), we closed on our home, moved all of our belongings into the garage of our new home, began the process of refinishing the wood floors throughout the house, had new appliances delivered and subsequently scheduled to be picked back up because it is inoperable (bummer), and have been living/working out of our kitchen. Ha! It has been a whirlwind, but so exciting. Stone and I cannot wait to begin putting our things into this house and making it home. And, of course, we will be posting pictures of all of our home decorating, renovations, disasters, and the like so you can see too! xoxo.


Jennifer (The Gourmetour) said...

Oh my gosh the new place looks BEAUTIFUL. Totally my style. Good luck with it all-I cant wait to see the finished product!
Thanks for sharing

Shel + Stone said...

Ahhh thanks Jennifer! We cannot wait to get all of our furniture on these floors :) one more day!

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