Weekend wrap up.

I know I look pretty serious in this photo, in all honesty I was just staring into the restaurant window hoping that any second they would arrive with my burger. Ha. This was taken in San Clemente with some of our friends, Troy and Aimee, at the Rider's Club. One of the best burgers I have had, ever. For real. If you ever find yourself in the area you must stop by and try it out.

How was your weekend? We seemed to get a lot done this weekend actually... husband painted our nursery (kind of the color that is bordering the photo above), we shot a wedding in Fallbrook, had sushi with friends, started our taxes (blah), and continued unpacking. I feel like that process is never going to end, I will start in the kitchen, then it turns out I need new drawer liners... run to Home Depot. Then, I will move on to our closet, well it turns out we need more shelving and storage... run to Home Depot. You get the drift. Lots of trips to Home Depot.

Anyway, welcome to Monday! Let's hope for a productive week! xo.


Taylor said...

Now I'm craving a hamburger!

Shel + Stone said...


The Gourmetour said...

Show more belly photos!!! You're too beautiful of a pregnant woman not to!

Also, can you talk a little bit more about how you and Stone decided to go into business together. I know that is a question couples have for each other (my relationship included) and I would love to hear how you two reached your decision. And how did you decide that photography was for you? I think I read you have a background in graphic design? Well, I am in the process of graduating and transitioning into a career and I am stuck between the safe (corporate world that involves my degree) and my dream which involves starting my own business (so scary!),

Anyways I would love to hear more about your careers and the choices you have made that got you to where you are now in your posts!


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