Weekend wrap up : Palm Springs polaroids.

Stone and I headed to Palm Springs this past weekend to shoot a wedding and get our very first desert experience! Hot, windy, and totally awesome!

Have you ever been to Palm Springs. It is almost like you stepped back in time... Brady Bunch era. We even shot the wedding at Sonny and Cher's old love shack (it was far from a shack, more like an incredible desert bungalow)! My favorite part about our trip had to have been the breakfast we had at Cheeky's, I highly recommend it and you must try their homemade cinnamon rolls... our only disappointment was not grabbing a few more for our drive home! Plus they have gourmet, organic, local bacon... Needless to say, baby boy has been eating well ;)



Shannyn said...

Cheers to Palm Springs! ;-)

Lauren said...

Great photos!! And I totally need one of those cinnamon rolls. Yum!

Tiffany K said...

I love cheeky's!

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