Look of the weekend : Dressing the bump.

This large growth on my belly is only getting bigger by the day... and dressing each morning has definitely been a challenge, things don't quite fit like they used to and some things just don't fit at all! I have to say I used to judge all you pregnant women who went out in public with sweatpants and an oversized t shirt on. Well I was wrong for judging, because the effort to find something suitable to wear is pretty difficult and then when you do it most likely will be uncomfortable... ahhh the joys of pregnancy, right? Well I have found a few staples for my 'bump' wardrobe that I would love to share... and also some things that have been on a wishlist for my third trimester to get me through until the end. I have my first baby shower next weekend and I so wish I had a great dress to throw on... we'll see what I come up with :)

Staples for the momma to be wardrobe:
Cotton T's... lot's of them

On the wishlist :



Kris and Corissa said...

I think you look adorable pregnant! Your clothes always look so cute!

blue chickadee said...

Y'all are too cute! Love following along... And your hubby's photography is AMAZING!!! I want some beach pics!

Dylana Suarez said...

I love those pink pants!



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