That's a wrap : An update...

Stone and I have been busy, busy lately! Lot's of incredible weddings and engagement shoots happening around these parts and we could not be more excited to be able to be apart of it all. Yup, we are pretty dang lucky to have the job that we have. First I want to tell you a little about this sweet couple we shot last week... Written by husband...

'Sometimes when Shelby and Ishow up to a shoot it's like a blind date. Usually we meet all of the couples we work with before the actual shoot phase, but sometimes, when distance is a factor, we aren't able to. So we show up there and are basically looking for the people that look about as confused as us. Well, this shoot with Diana and Logan was not only the aforementioned situation, but also a blind date with the location itself. Both Shelby nor I had ever been to this spot, and believe it or not, every photo you see below was shot within thirty feet of each other. Pretty cool (and convenient). So, needless to say, we were stoked on the shoot. Diana and Logan were way cooler than we could have ever imagined and the location forced us to look outside our normal field-of-vision. We loved everything about it. Hope you do too ...'

One good looking couple for sure... they were so fun to hang out with and we cannot even wait for their wedding! See more of their shoot here.

On another note, I recently was asked by a reader to share a little more about how Stone and I decided to work together and how we decided to jump into wedding photography...

Well, first thing first... Stone and I dated for 3 years long distance before he popped the question. Having never really lived in the same location before we were married we were just praying that we would live well together in the same city, let alone the same home! And we did. Stone and I get along really well together, we kind of fill each others weaknesses both in our relationship and in business. But, when we decided to start our company together this was a huge leap of faith. Starting your own small business takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work. We both had full time jobs when we began Stone Crandall Photography. After about a year of juggling a handful of jobs Stone was able to take on the business full time while I continued to work a second job. He is definitely the man behind the lens when it comes to our business. Stone graduated with a degree in Film and after working as a videographer for Warren Miller for a couple of years he decided to go in the photography route. This is where my background as a wedding planner kind of came in and melded harmoniously into what we are today... wedding photographers. He has taught me all he knows about photography and I have taught him all about the ins and outs of the wedding industry. Just this past year I have taken on a full time role with Stone Crandall Photography and I have to say it has been working out pretty well. Of course, you can imagine, with any couple working / living / eating / playing / sleeping under the same roof that we definitely have to find our own balance of space. Separating work and home life can be difficult too. These are just things we have to be mindful of. When we get in an argument we usually will take some time apart then reconvene and talk it through later. Stone and I have found that our clients like the dynamic of working with another couple and we have made so many great friends through work. There are some couples that can work together and some that just can't, that's okay too. It just takes giving it a try and being able to separate work and life for your own sanity :)

I just wrote WAY more than I thought I would... but, I hope I answered your questions! If you have any more feel free to comment. xo.

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The Gourmetour said...

Thanks Shel, you're the cutest!

My boyfriend and I have been dating 4 (going on 5!!!) years long distance.. yippes. Anyways, we've discussed the possibility of working together because we both have two pretty special passions/talents that could fuse well together. We've heard plenty of horror stories, and ultimately we have different dreams- but much like you and Stone I could see where things could just come together one day and it will all just make sense.

Thanks for sharing, I'm glad it ended up being more than you plan!

Ps. I'm so intrigued by your relationship because we have so much in common, the two sets of relationship that is. Religious, unique, loving, (and we're all kind of funky people too!). You two are just literally 3 (engagement, wedding, baby) steps ahead of us. It's great to have someone to look "up" to and relate to!


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